MOP Buff preview

I updated my buff calculator with the  Mists of Pandaria preview buffs and ran it for some preliminary numbers and it still looks like its going to be a mess for 10mans buff wise.

Once again the numbers goes against magic based damage buffs :/

I used the same rule for raid composition as last time, take a look at the initial numbers.

2 Tanks, 3 Healers, 2 Melee, 3 Ranged.

Possible combinations: 1088000
Fully buffed combinations: 378054
Fully spell buffed combinations: 625398
Fully physical buffed combinations: 747118

2 Tanks, 3 Healers, 2 Melee, 3 Ranged. Forced: Hunter as RangedDPS

Possible combinations: 720000
Fully buffed combinations: 232938
Fully spell buffed combinations: 341622
Fully physical buffed combinations: 520272

2 Tanks, 3 Healers, 3 Melee, 2 Ranged.

Possible combinations: 1112640
Fully buffed combinations: 248967
Fully spell buffed combinations: 320892
Fully physical buffed combinations: 893916

2 Tanks, 3 Healers, 3 Melee, 2 Ranged. Forced: Hunter as RangedDPS

Possible combinations: 527040
Fully buffed combinations: 72360
Fully spell buffed combinations: 88380
Fully physical buffed combinations: 472248

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World of logs based highscore test

I just finished the prototype of for a guild highscore system based on world of logs:

As a example I scanned the records for two of our guild groups from January to now, you can see a screenshot of the result here:

If you want to try out the alpha version of the tool you can play with it here.

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Wow buffs and 10 man groups.

Using the inner workings of my raid buff analyzer I was able to compile some stats for how often buffs would be available for 10 man groups.

I started to look at this because roughly 30% of a raids DPS output comes from buffs and the difference between using T11N BIS vs T12N BIS is on average only roughly 20%. Yes that means that a fully buffed T11N geared raid would be able to do more damage than a non buffed T12N raid. This clearly indicates that having these buffs is paramount and clearly influences how hard a fight is just based on pure output.

Also before I start I want to point out that I dont care about PVP balance and that this has nothing to do with physical vs spell damage nor melee vs ranged. I work from the premise that being fully buffed is what members of a 25man guild can expect and since blizzard considers this ‘balanced’ and because a more serious raid guild can force its composition to be fully buffed, I simply wanted to see how much the different classes would suffer in 10mans for average groups.

The groups used for the statistics was generated using the following rules:

  • Tanks: Max one of a specific class.
  • Healers: Max one of a specific class.
  • DPS: Max one of a specific class.

Which ought to provide a fairly well balanced group, in theory at least.

I then chose the following group templates

  • 2tank, 3healer, 2melee and 3 ranged
  • 2tank, 3healer, 3melee and 2 ranged

and since hunters are based on physical damage they tend to favor the same buffs as melee’s which is why I added the the following .

  • 2tank, 3healer, 2melee and 3 ranged where one ranged is a hunter.
  • 2tank, 3healer, 3melee and 2 ranged where one ranged is a hunter.

The program then ran through all possible compositions of classes for those four template groups and assigned buffs according to what would benefit the group DPS the most.

Some interesting facts:

  • Spell DPS will in average be losing between 5-9% damage and Physical DPS between 2-3% damage from what they would be doing fully buffed.
  • Physical damage is affected by 7 buffs and 3 debuffs. one of them is available to less than 65% of all groups one is available to less than 85% and the rest is available to 90+% of the groups. Of the two rare buffs only one of them affect only physical damage and thats is the one that is available to 85%.
  • Spell damage is affected by 11 buffs and 2 debuffs. One of them are available to less than 40% of all groups, two to less than 65%, three to  less than 85%. Of the six rare buffs five of them affect only spells.
  • The pure tanks and healers setup provides all of the physical only buffs as a option for 70% of all groups and two of the debuffs (95+% and 50%).
  • The pure tanks and healer setup provides three of the eleven spell buffs as a option for 70% of all groups and none of the debuffs.
  • The max possible dps of physical and spell when fully buffed is close to equal in raw output.

You can check out a lot of extra details here.

The hardest buffs to obtain are:

  • Spell power 10% <38% chance
  • Damage 3% <60%  chance
  • Spell crit 5% debuff <62% chance
  • Spell haste <80% chance
  • Mana increase <82% chance
  • Physical vuln 4% <83%chance
  • Pushback protection <88% chance

Personally I wish they would make it easier to be fully buffed so you can actually bring the player and not the class as long as your reasonable and isn’t class stacking. They could even go ahead and make the raid buffs available based on ‘classes’ and not specs to make it even easier (or at least make them available in the low talent tiers so they become a option for the raid if they have the class).

For casual or friend based groups any changes that make it easier to become fully buffed would be a huge benefit. As it is today such groups might actually have very good players but due to the simple fact that they are forced to bring the classes people enjoy playing they get a huge dps penalty. The penalty which isn’t skill based at all, since its not exactly hard to ‘select the classes that bring the buffs’ the only hard part is finding someone that enjoys playing the classes and who you enjoy playing with.

The penalty is just another penalty on top of not bringing the highest dps classes and/or the best classes for an encounter which such guilds cant do. None of what is skill based.

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Wow raid composition benefit analyzer.

I did a bit of research to see how buffs and debuffs affected the DPS of various classes and since I found it very interesting I added a simple silverlight based UI which allows everyone to play with it. The UI design is heavily inspired by the raid composition tool available on mmo-champion.

All DPS calculations are done using Simulationcraft using each classes BIS list for T12N, just to make it interesting I also added a comparison to a fully buffed T11N bis geared raid.

The application is still a alpha release but it does provide useful information already so I decided to go ahead and release it.

Check it out here.

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